Free Take care of your Oregon DEQ emissions check using Automatic Pro


How to get it

Download the AutoSmog iPhone app and sign in with your Automatic account.

Note: AutoSmog may only be used with Automatic Pro.


AutoSmog provides you an easy way to take care of your Oregon DEQ emissions check using Automatic. This means you don’t have to drive to a DEQ Clean Air Station and wait in line!

Is this real? Yes, and we’re beyond excited to partner with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to help make yet another aspect of car ownership easier for you! The DEQ Too™ program will allow Automatic users with 2005* and newer vehicles, within the Portland and Medford emissions testing boundaries, to take care of your emissions test and renew your car registration, over the internet.


1) Receive your registration renewal reminder from Oregon DMV

2) Download the AutoSmog app from the App Store

3) Sign in with your Automatic account

4) Enter your current DMV vehicle registration expiration date

5) Run your emissions check, which takes less than two minutes!

6) Check your results by visiting and entering your license plate

7) If DEQ determines you pass, you can renew online with Oregon DMV

AutoSmog is free to use for Automatic customers who have a Pro adapter.

The data we send from your car to Oregon DEQ is the exact same type of data received by your car at a Clean Air Station. You can choose to get your emission check through any Oregon DEQ-approved method, including the AutoSmog app or going to a Clean Air Station.

You can run your emissions check using AutoSmog even when your DMV registration is not due. However, whenever you use DEQ Too for the purpose of DMV registration renewal, you must purchase your DMV stickers online. The stickers will arrive in the mail within as few as 3 business days. In the meantime, under a recently passed Oregon law, your receipt from the online transaction can be used as proof of registration renewal.

Vehicles that currently or recently have had their check engine light on may have difficulty meeting emissions compliance. While Automatic allows you to clear your check engine light through the app, it does not mean you have solved the underlying issue. Clearing the check engine light also resets your car’s emissions system monitors, which means your car may not be able to provide results for your emission check.

Android App is coming soon. Please email if you have any questions.

Automatic does not have an exclusive arrangement with DEQ to provide this service. DEQ does not endorse Automatic over any other provider.

You can learn more about DEQ Too's policies on emissions check by visiting their website below:

Learn More about DEQ Too

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