Free Get your friends to chip in for gas


How to get it

Launch app and sign in with your Venmo and Automatic accounts.


Use UnMooch to easily split the cost of a carpool. After you complete a trip, open UnMooch split the costs appropriately and request money from friends over Venmo. Just select the trip you want to split, adjust the price per mile you want to charge, then select who was there in the trip.

UnMooch uses Venmo, a payments processor, to send the request for money to your friends via their Venmo account or phone number. Venmo makes it easy to share expenses between friends, transfer money without fees, and make requests via text message.

You can access the UnMooch web app from anywhere including your phone’s browser. Create a bookmark on your homescreen for easy access.


  • Any Automatic car adapter
  • Automatic or Automatic Classic app
  • Venmo account
  • Web browser (to access UnMooch app)

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