KnowYourDrive Program FAQ

What is the KnowYourDrive program?

KnowYourDrive puts American Family Insurance customers in the driver's seat when it comes to safety and savings, by rewarding their driving habits with car insurance discounts.

American Family will give you an Automatic plug-in adapter for your car at no cost, along with an introductory 5% car insurance discount.* The adapter monitors your driving behavior, and the Automatic smartphone app shows your progress and helps you learn safer driving habits. Depending on your driving behavior, you can earn up to a 40% program discount* on your car insurance. KnowYourDrive puts you in control by helping you save extra money while becoming a safer driver.

The KnowYourDrive program discount is in addition to discounts you may already be receiving. By allowing us more insight into your driving behavior, we can provide even more value for your commitment to American Family.

For in-depth details about the program, be sure to refer to KnowYourDrive Rules of the Road.

*Discounts will vary based on driving behavior. The KnowYourDrive discount applies only to these coverages, which are typical for most auto policies: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive, medical expense, underinsured and uninsured and personal injury protection. Additionally, the discount does not apply to fixed fees that are part of your policy.

How do I start my evaluation period?

You'll need to set up and activate your Automatic plug-in adapter within 28 days after receiving it. If you don't do that, your car will be removed from the program and you'll lose your discount — and we wouldn't want that to happen! Next, during the evaluation period, you'll need to drive a minimum of 20 hours and 90 days. Your app will update you on your projected discount, and will let you know when your program discount will kick in.

What happens after I get my program discount?

After you receive your program discount, a new evaluation period will begin. So, you'll need to continue driving with your Automatic plug-in adapter installed and activated in your car to remain enrolled in the program and keep your discount. That way, KnowYourDrive can continually help you change your driving habits so you can keep working on boosting your program discount in the future!

What is the introductory discount?

Just by participating in the program you will get a 5% introductory discount on your auto policy until a program discount (up to 40%) has been calculated and applied after evaluation.

When do I get my program discount?

Your program discount of up to 40% will be calculated 40 days before your upcoming renewal, and will be applied when your policy renews, as long as you've met the program requirements. (In Wisconsin, it will be calculated 65 days prior to renewal.) You'll receive updates via your app and via email, too.

What is the difference between the projected discount and the program discount?

After each trip during evaluation periods, the projected discount provides you an initial estimate of what your eventual program discount would be. That way, you'll know early on how you're doing, and can take steps to change your driving habits before the program discount is calculated. Your program discount — up to 40% in savings — is determined at the end of your evaluation period, and will be applied at an upcoming renewal.

How does my driving behavior affect my discount?

Good question! Listed below are the key driving variables we use to calculate your program discount. Research has shown that these driving behaviors may increase the chance of having an accident. By adjusting your driving habits based on the feedback you receive from your Automatic smartphone app, you may improve your safe driving behavior and boost your program discount. Please keep in mind that even if your driving behavior doesn't result in the highest discount of 40%, KnowYourDrive gives you an advantage by helping you learn safer driving habits while empowering you to save on your car insurance.

  • Hours driven – Measures how much the vehicle is driven.
  • Sudden braking – Measures those times when the vehicle stops or slows down very abruptly.
  • Sudden acceleration – Measures those times when the vehicle accelerates very quickly from a stop or while driving.
  • Evening driving – Measures the total driving time that occurs between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 a.m.
  • Late night driving – Measures the total driving time that occurs between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.
  • City driving – Measures the amount of time spent driving at a speed less than 45 mph.
  • High speed – The program uses approximately 80 mph (85 mph if you have enrolled in KnowYourDrive in Idaho, Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah) as the threshold for high speed.
How does the program discount impact my premium?

The KnowYourDrive discount applies only to variable components of your car insurance coverage (in other words, not the fixed fees that are part of a policy), which are typical for most auto policies: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive, medical expense, and personal injury protection. Also, there are always other factors that can affect your premium, causing it to go up or down. But discounts like this one always help! If you're interested in finding more ways to save, your agent would be happy to help you out.

Do all the vehicles on my policy get the same discount?

No, discounts are calculated on a per vehicle basis, so you can earn different discounts on your different vehicles. Remember, each vehicle must be enrolled in the KnowYourDrive program to be eligible for a discount.

Can my premium increase by participating in this program?

Your insurance premium will not increase due to your participation in KnowYourDrive. Keep in mind, though, that your discount can fluctuate over time depending on your driving behavior. Additionally, it's good to remember that there are multiple factors that impact your premium, causing it to go up or down. But discounts like this one can help.

What does it mean to sync my vehicle?

For starters, you'll need to download the Automatic app, install your Automatic plug-in adapter and complete the setup process. Also, your smartphone needs to be connected to the Internet, and Bluetooth will need to be on, in order for your trip data to be processed by Automatic. This process is called syncing and will happen automatically while you are driving. Your app will prompt you to take steps if it's not synced.

How much of my cell phone data plan will Automatic app use?

On average the Automatic app will use about 30MB of data per month, it may be more or less depending on how much you drive. Automatic's engineering team has optimized data storage and transmission to use as little of your data as possible while still collecting the information that is important for your KnowYourDrive discount.

What happens if I don't sync my Automatic adapter?

If your Automatic plug-in adapter and smartphone aren't synced for 28 consecutive days, your car will be removed from the program and you will lose your discount. That's why it's important to make sure your adapter is synced, so you can keep enjoying the benefits (and potential savings!) of KnowYourDrive. Just so you know, you'll be notified via the app and emails if you're not synced when driving.

I'm not sure if my Automatic adapter is transmitting trip data. What do I do?

You should be able to tell if your adapter is transmitting trip data because the Automatic mobile app will display your recent trips. Simply click the Automatic app to verify that your trips are updating. If they aren't, navigate to the “Glovebox” tab in the Automatic app that will show your adapter's status, and the app will walk you through “syncing” your adapter and the app on your smartphone. Please note that it's important that you drive with your smartphone's Bluetooth turned on so that your trip data can be processed by Automatic.

How come the "Time driven" displayed in my app is less than the actual amount of time that I've spent driving?

The KnowYourDrive program only evaluates time when your vehicle is in motion. If you're in traffic or idling, this time doesn't count toward your discount. Sitting in traffic isn't fun, but at least it isn't counted as your time driven in the KnowYourDrive program.

Will my car insurance rates be affected if my car is removed from KnowYourDrive?

Once your car is removed from the program, you'll lose your KnowYourDrive discount. Otherwise, your rates will not be affected.

What if more than one person drives the same vehicle?

The primary driver of the car should be enrolled in KnowYourDrive, and should drive with the Automatic app all set up and synced on their smartphone. If others — typically family members — will be frequently driving the car, they should download the app on their smartphones and use the primary driver's login information to sync their phone to the adapter, so the adapter will continue to collect driving data. Sharing your account information means that all recorded trips on that vehicle will be visible on the shared account.

What do I need to do if I will not be driving my vehicle for an extended time?

No problem! If you will not be driving your vehicle due to an extended period of time longer than 28 days, just contact someone from our KnowYourDrive Support Center by calling 1-800-692-6326, ext. 75230. This way you can remain enrolled in the program.

If I am storing my vehicle for several months, what should I do?

If you are planning on storing your car for several months, we recommend that you opt out of the program by calling your American Family agent. You also should remove the plug-in adapter from your car, too. Once you plan to drive your vehicle on a regular basis again, you can re-enroll in the program by contacting your agent. And, of course, be sure to re-install and sync the plug-in adapter with your smartphone. You'll be on the road to safety and savings in no time! If you plan to repeatedly store your car for months at a time every year, KnowYourDrive might not be a good fit for you, since it depends on continuous driving.

Why was my car removed from the KnowYourDrive program?

We're sorry that happened! Cars are removed from KnowYourDrive if they are not transmitting driving data for more than 28 days. If this happened to you, please contact your agent.

How do I re-enroll if my car has been removed from KnowYourDrive?

Re-enrolling is easy. Just contact your American Family agent.

What if I lost my device?

We're sorry to hear you lost your device. Please contact the KnowYourDrive Support Center at 1-800-692-6326, ext. 75230, and someone there will be happy to help you out.